images (18) High quality pocket calendar printingPocket Calendars are the ultimate promotional tool. Economical to produce, they remain in your customer’s pocket for a full 12 months, giving you maximum exposure for minimum cost.

There’s plenty of room for you to add a photograph, your company logo and your advertising message. Don’t forget to include your website address and contact details so they’re always close at hand.

Matt Lamination Pocket Calendar (Delivery: 4 working Days)
Material 157gsm Art Card 260gsm Art Card
Qty 4C+4C(both side color) 4C+4C(both side color)
100pcs RM 45.00 RM 22.00
200pcs RM 60.00 RM 40.00
300pcs RM 66.00 RM 50.00
500pcs RM 75.00 RM 62.00
1000pcs RM 100.00 RM 82.00
UV Card Pocket Calendar (Delivery: 5 working Days)
UV CARD 260gsm Art Card with Matt Lamination 260gsm Art Card 
Qty 1 Side Spots UV 2 Sides Spots UV UV varnish
100 RM50.00 RM78.00 Attention: UV varnishcannot do hot stamping
200 RM56.00 RM84.00
300 RM68.00 RM93.00 RM50.00
400 RM77.00 RM100.00 RM60.00
500 RM83.00 RM108.00 RM62.00
1000 RM115.00 RM157.00 RM82.00
Optional Finishing: Round Corner (Delivery: Add 1 day)
Quantity Price Round corner size Lead Time
100 RM4 4mm/6.3mm +1day
200 RM7 4mm/6.3mm +1day
300 RM10 4mm/6.3mm +1day
400 RM13 4mm/6.3mm +1day
500 RM16 4mm/6.3mm +1day
600 RM19 4mm/6.3mm +1day
700 RM22 4mm/6.3mm +1day
800 RM25 4mm/6.3mm +1day
900 RM28 4mm/6.3mm +1day
1,000 RM31 4mm/6.3mm +1day
Optional Finishing: Hot Stamping (Delivery: Add 1 day)
Qty (pic) Price Hot Stamping Size Lead Time
100 RM18 2”x5” +1day
200 RM22 2”x5” +1day
300 RM26 2”x5” +1day
400 RM30 2”x5” +1day
500 RM34 2”x5” +1day
600 RM38 2”x5” +1day
700 RM42 2”x5” +1day
800 RM46 2”x5” +1day
900 RM50 2”x5” +1day
1,000 RM54 2”x5” +1day
Optional Finishing: Crease Line (Delivery: Add 1 day)
Qty (pcs) 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000
Price RM4 RM 7 RM10 RM13 RM16 RM19 RM22 RM25 RM28 RM31

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