High quality business card printingOur series of business cards are the same size as a credit card (54mm x 90mm) so they easily fit inside a wallet, purse or business card holder. Available in a range of finishes, our stunning full colour business cards are sure to get you noticed, whatever your line of work.For added protection, extra sturdiness , consider adding matt lamination. This thin plastic covering will help to keep your cards in tip top condition for years to come. For a luxurious finish, you might want to look into the Spot UV name card.




Standard Business Card (Delivery: 3 working Days)
NAME CARD 230gsm Ivory Card 260gsm Art Card
Qty 4C+4C(both side color) 4C+4C(both side color)
1 Box RM38 (100 Sheets) RM18 (100 Sheets)
2 Boxes RM45 (RM 22.50/Box) RM35 (RM 17.25/Box)
3 Boxes RM52 (RM 17.35/Box) RM48 (RM 16.00/Box)
5 Boxes RM64 (RM 12.80/Box) RM58 (RM 11.60/Box)
10 Boxes RM94 (RM 9.40/Box) RM68 (RM 6.80/Box)


Card with Matt Lamination (Delivery: 4 working Days)
NAME CARD 157gsm Art Card 260gsm Art Card
Qty 4C+4C(both side color) 4C+4C(both side color)
1 Box RM45 (100 Sheets) RM 22 (100 Sheets)
2 Boxes RM60 (RM 30.00/Box) RM40 (RM 20/Box)
3 Boxes RM66 (RM 22.00/Box) RM50 (RM 16.70/Box)
5 Boxes RM75 (RM 15.00/Box) RM62 (RM 12.40/Box)
10 Boxes RM100 (RM 10.00/Box) RM82 (RM 8.20/Box)


UV Card (Delivery: 5 working Days)
UV CARD 260gsm Art Card with Matt Lamination 260gsm Art Card 
Qty 1 Side Spots UV 2 Sides Spots UV UV varnish
100 RM50 (100 Sheets) RM78 (100 Sheets) Attention: UV varnishcannot do hot stamping
200 RM56 (RM 28/Box) RM84 (RM 42/Box)
300 RM68 (RM 22.70/Box) RM93 (RM 31/Box) RM50 (RM 16.70/Box)
400 RM77 (RM 19.30/Box) RM100 (RM 25.00/Box) RM60 (RM 15.00/Box)
500 RM83 (RM 16.60/Box) RM108 (RM 21.60/Box) RM62 (RM 12.40/Box)
1000 RM115 (RM 11.50/Box) RM157 (RM 15.70/Box) RM82 (RM 8.20/Box)


Card Finishing: Round Corner (Delivery: Add 1 day)
Quantity Price Round corner size Lead Time
100 RM4 4mm/6.3mm +1day
200 RM7 4mm/6.3mm +1day
300 RM10 4mm/6.3mm +1day
400 RM13 4mm/6.3mm +1day
500 RM16 4mm/6.3mm +1day
600 RM19 4mm/6.3mm +1day
700 RM22 4mm/6.3mm +1day
800 RM25 4mm/6.3mm +1day
900 RM28 4mm/6.3mm +1day
1,000 RM31 4mm/6.3mm +1day


Card Finishing: Hot Stamping (Delivery: Add 1 day)
Qty (pic) Price Hot Stamping Size Lead Time
100 RM18 2”x5” +1day
200 RM22 2”x5” +1day
300 RM26 2”x5” +1day
400 RM30 2”x5” +1day
500 RM34 2”x5” +1day
600 RM38 2”x5” +1day
700 RM42 2”x5” +1day
800 RM46 2”x5” +1day
900 RM50 2”x5” +1day
1,000 RM54 2”x5” +1day


Card Finishing: Crease Line (Delivery: Add 1 day)
Qty (pcs) 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000
Price RM4 RM 7 RM10 RM13 RM16 RM19 RM22 RM25 RM28 RM31


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